Arthr, a skilled audiovisual artist, has announced his new NFT collection to celebrate three of Roland’s greatest pieces of music tech.

The NFT collection, A Journey Through Synths, presents beautifully looped animations of the TB-303, TR-808 and the SH-1-1, reports MusicTech.

Of course, the original soundtracks added to the art really adds the finishing touch. The animations all feature sequences and original sounds from the respective hardware units.

Not only is there killer audio, but visual renders of each machine with Arthr’s animated characters truly pay homage to the synthesizers!

Arthr has said that he wanted the “unmistakable” sound of the “full rasp and squelches of the TB-303”. Arthr gradually opened up the cutoff frequency and parameter of the 303 to achieve this.

For the 808, Arthr used his animated character for the audiovisual connection between the sharp transients of the kick drum!

With the power of electricity, the character is bringing the classic sounds to life!

For the SH-101, Arthr designed the sound with a renowned filter cutoff and pulse width modulation. The character jumping on the corresponding notes, once again, is the audiovisual connection!

Hopping around the SH-101, Arthr’s character is having a blast of a time. The character isn’t afraid to mess around with the features available to him as he triggers the sounds we know and love!

Arthr states “these machines are more than just a blend of metal and plastic, they all have a unique history and story to tell.”

The NFTs will go on sale on October 8th 2021 on the ​​

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