Recently, music distribution company Amuse announced the closure of its free distribution tier, which might’ve left you in a position where you can no longer affordably release your music. We’re here to tell you that you still can!

Enter RouteNote

Why RouteNote?

A trusted partner in the music industry with a wide range of services available, tailored to artists needs, RouteNotes dynamic and innovative music distribution solutions are offered free of charge and founded on the principle of empowering independent musicians from all walks of life.

RouteNote also find itself on the prestigious list of Spotify preferred partners – so you’re safe in the knowledge that your music will be delivered to the highest standards available on the market.

RouteNote is partnered with all top digital outlets, covering over 90% of the digital music market. Check the Partners page for a full list.

Maximizing your reach with RouteNote

The RouteNote business development team is constantly seeking new and exciting opportunities to help artists distribute, sell, promote and more. More can be found under the ‘Artist Services’ tab in the RouteNote dashboard.

Support and resources

RouteNote prides itself on customer care and support. Offering a 24-7 email and ticket support line so we are never too far away to lend a hand with any queries, problems or concerns.

As standard, RouteNote offers 1-on-1 assistance and styling guides to help ensure the quality of your releases, and work to provide the support you need whether you are just starting out in the music industry or are a seasoned professional.

You can also find more information on how to switch to RouteNote here.

Testimonials and success stories

As Europe’s leading digital music distributor, RouteNote works with over a million indepedent artists and labels, to help them release their music to all of the top stores, streaming services and social media platforms around the world. Sign up to RouteNote for free and distribute your own music, with no upfront costs!

For business enquiries, get in touch at

Remember – RouteNote Create subscriptions start from as little as $2.99. You also get 10 FREE credits to spend on samples along with access to our FREE sample pack bundle when you sign-up