Hey, you groovy bunch of audio archaeologists, you know what time it is! Thats right…it’s time for some Freshly squeezed sample packs! Every week in our “Newly Featured Sample packs of the Week” series, we hand-pick a selection of our tastiest sample treats. In this collection, we carefully select and introduce you to the freshest and most remarkable audio marvels that have captured our attention. This week we have Hip Hop drums a plenty as well as a good splattering of techno and tech house. And if that’s all a bit too much how about some soothing ambient sounds for your soul?

So, prime those samplers and let’s see what newly featured sample packs RouteNote Create is offering up this week.

Deep Tech Drums

This pack by Cycles & Stops should satisfy all your deep-tech drumming needs. A One-Shot wonderland this pack contains 300 hits comprising of Kicks, Snares, Claps and hats. Everything you need to program and cook up some serious Dancefloor friendly Deep-Tech Heat! This one’s certainly worthy of being a featured sample pack this week.

CAS with 300 drum shot samples for kicking Deep Tech productions. From Kick, Clap, Snare, Perc, Close Hihat to Open Hihat you’ll find everything you need for your beat section here. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Put together some of these one shots or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions. Pack Contents: 300 One Shots 50 Kick 50 Clap 50 Snare 50 Open Hihat 50 Close Hihat 50 Perc

Iconic Origins Vol 4

Epic Stock Media return with another hard-hitting instalment of their Iconic Origins series. In this pack Epic Stock Media treat you to a full menu of sample fodder. We’re talking over 100 killer one-shots as well as loops and construction kits. Plenty of styles are covered including, Trap, Boom Bap, Rock and fusion drums. This one will certainly put a digital smile on your sampler’s face.

Iconic Origins 4 is sure to find an instant home in your arsenal of samples. It is the fourth installment of the hip hop drum sound library series “Iconic Origins”. This pack includes over 100 one-shots, loops, and construction kits.

Iconic Origins 4 contains a range of professionally-crafted construction kits featuring genres such as trap, underground hip hop and rock. Find instant inspiration and create impactful beats right out of the box! Listen below. Iconic Origins Series 4 showcases a well rounded set of acoustic punchy drum loops in a multitude of BPM’s. With a combination of loops, construction kits, and one-shots, this pack has everything you’ll need to start creating powerful and exciting new beats.

Everything is tempo and key labelled so you can mix and match to build your track how you want it! Provided in high quality 16bit 44.1k .wav file format which gives you the high quality needed for sound editing, shifting, and FX processing while maintaining a top notch level of clarity and precision. This hybrid collection of drum samples includes over 100+ files – all professionally designed and engineered. Iconic Origins 4 is made for DJ’s, producers and sound designers that want a fast and easy way to expand their trap and rock drum repertoire. Take your tracks to the next level today with Iconic Origins.

Product Details: 103 total files Loops, One-Shots & Construction Kits All in high quality 16bit 44.1k .wav file format Wide range of BPM’s Seamlessly works with all music software & hardware Mixed and Mastered 2 dark trap construction kits 2 rock construction kits 68 rock, fusion, breakbeat drum loops 15 clean hip hop one shots

Techno Loops 2

If Techno is your thing and you are after some instant inspiration then this is gonna be your puppy. One of this weeks featured sample packs it offers over 300 loops of the highest quality. Certainly enough to get those creative juices flowing. Including looped Drums, percussion, Basslines, Arps and Leads this pack has you covered like an expensive umbrella.

Cycles & Spots deliver a strong follow up to Techno Loops featuring over 300 Wav loops for producing banging tracks. These are divided into drum section content like kick, hihat, perc, snare, clap and synth sequences. The latter again are divided into low and mid/high-frequency categories. This lets you build solid foundations for your tracks by combining multiple loops. As always all content is royalty-free. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Put together some of these loops or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions. Products Details: 300 Wav Loops: 100 Drum Parts (Kick, Snare, Clap, Hihat, Perc) 100 Synth Sequences (Low Frequencies) 100 Synth Sequences (Mid/Hi Frequencies)

Hip-Hop Drums Vol 4

When it comes to Hip-Hop drums you really can’t go wrong with Epic Stock Media. This one does exactly what it says on the pack. You get over 150 crunchy one shots all ready to be dropped into your sampler and programmed like a boss! These drum hits are drenched in the nostalgic sound of 90’s east coast Hip-Hop. They have all been modelled to capture the iconic sound of the SP1200 drum machine sampler.

Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol 4 fills you up with old school hip hop drum vibes using the same filtering techniques, creative EQ & compression as legendary hip hop producers from back in the day mixed with a new school techniques, recording and equipment. Iconic Hip Hop Drums Vol. 4 contains 163 drum hits featuring genres: Boom Bap, Underground, and East Coast that add depth, weight and clarity to your mix. All samples are sound designed, engineered to mimic the vintage feel of the SP1200. * 162 Drum Hits * 59 Hats * 49 Kicks * 48 Snares * 7 Bonus files (Crackle, Cymbal Rides) * All in 44.1 16bit

Loop Oddities Vol 3

When Cycles & Spots say oddity they really mean it. This inspirational featured sample pack contains a truly random hotchpotch of odd loops, sounds and textures. Suitable for any genre that you want to add a touch of weirdness to. Loop Oddities 3 really is the sort of pack that will give your productions a unique vibe. And don’t forget their are 2 other fantastic packs in this series.

Cycles & Spots deliver a follow-up to Loop Oddities with 174 great, rather odd sounding Wav loops which makes them interesting. These can be used in many genres to spice up your game, ranging from Ambient to Dance music productions. All are originally provided in 120BPM and the tonal ones are key-labeled. Most loops are up to 16 bars long and consist of rhythmical structures, some purely harmonical. This pack’s content consists of superb experimental sequences and sounds to start or finish your productions. Pack Contents: 174 Wav Loops (Mostly Up To 16 Bars) Total Number Of Files: 174 579.3 MB

Infinity Hip Hop Drums Vol 1

Send your beats to Infinity and beyond with this bangin’ new pack from Epic Stock media. We are back in one-shot country here with an emphasis on a wide range of hip-hop styles. Perfect for Trap, Trip Hop, Boom Bap, Lo-fi these drums are of the highest quality meaning you don’t have to spend hours making and shaping your own drum sounds. Instead, you can get busy programming up your next Hip-Hop masterpiece.

This pack includes 72 thick hip hop drums one shots, crispy hi-hats, dusty lo-fi & punchy snares, percussion hits, cymbals & a variety of essential drum one shot samples for creating dark urban instrumental beats. Infinity Hip Hop Drums Vol. 1 is a cross-genre sample pack and creates unique & professional tracks ranging from style like: Underground, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Trap, Lo-fi, Minimal as well as other hip hop or beat driven genres. Everything is organized into understandable folders & meticulously key tagged. sample packs Product details: 72 one shots 35.7 MB of samples All in high quality 48k 24bit .wav file format 6 cymbal rides & one shots 15 hi-hat one shots 20 kick one shots 11 percussion one shots & rhythmic accents 20 snare one shots

Ambient Toolkit 2

Time to wind back a little and experience some top-notch ambient sounds courtesy of Cycles & Spots. This, their second ambient toolkit gives you all the tools you will need to craft exquisite atmospheric ambient works. At 1.41 Gb of audio there is plenty of variety on offer with long loops perfect for starting songs or adding to existing projects. With a fine selection of atmospheres, pads, arps, drones, percussion and hits this featured sample packs content is sure to inspire.

Cycles & Spots drop 1.41 Gigabyte of superb loops for Ambient productions, giving you atmospheric and rhythmical content at 90 beats per minute. The WAV files reach up to 16 bars to offer variations and modulations for a live ambiance feel. Expect synthetic pads, atmos, arpeggios, hits, drones and percussion sequences at a high quality production level. Use single loops or combine multiple ones to create huge soundscapes or arrange chillout songs or even speed up the content for danceable music genres. As always with our sample packs the content is key-labeled for best convenience. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Put together some of these loops or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions.

Just For Kicks

If you are after a crunchy snare or killer hat then this one’s not for you. If however, you’re on an eternal quest to find the ultimate kick drum then ‘Just for Kicks’ is your pack. Over 100 of the very best crunchy, punchy kicks that will perfectly complement your drum kits. The emphasis is on an organic vintage sound meaning these kick one shots are perfect for Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop and even Rock! a great way to round off this weeks run down of our featured sample packs.

This pack includes 105 grimy underground hip hop drum one shots featuring warm punchy kicks that are textured, bold, gritty, bright, and have a vinyl sounding character. Just For Kicks is perfect for helping you create vintage & authentic sounding hip hop music, instrumentals, beats and more. 105 drum kick one shots

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