Soma Found Inspiration for RoAT, Rumble of Ancient Times, in the sounds of computer games that once fitted on floppy disks.

Chipmusic, or chiptune, is what we hear when we load up old computer games. Now, this 8-bit music has a physical computer game synth, reports

RoAT is an 8-bit Noise Synth and Sequencer by SOMA Labs, Source:

Its simple interface gives us immediate access to parameters that allow us to create some dense sounds. Fully portable, RoAT is compact and capable of creating sound and landscapes full of frequency content, as well as rhythmic glitch patterns that will blow your socks off!.

RoAT has 4 independent oscillators that are fully tunable, and 16 waveforms that can be loaded into each one.

Each oscillator has a dedicated LFO section that we can use to manipulate the tone or volume of the oscillator. These four modulated signals are then mixed together by over one thousand variations of summing algorithms. Said algorithms utilise synthesis techniques such as Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation to give us an interesting and complex output.

For just €130 with orders opening in early next year, you can grab yourself this 8-bit sweet synth and sequencer that’ll run off AAA batteries for up to 130 hours!

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