Do you have an old Nintendo Entertainment System lying around somewhere? Well, now may be a good time to blow the dust off.

You can download the SynthNes app by developer Avicr that converts the old video game console into a meaty synthesizer.

SynthNes will transform your NES into a synthesizer capable of processing MIDI data! SynthNes is a ROM for PC that runs on an Everdrive N8 Pro flashcard, which is a third-party NES cartridge that supports SD cards. Not only does it run on these third party cartridges, but it is also a PC application too.

With SynthNes, you can control all five of the NES audio channels with MIDI data or a virtual keyboard. Additionally, the synth also offers modulation capabilities, automation, preset storage and the option to choose between polyphony or unison. “Hidden surprises” also await you, say Avicr.

The SynthNes PC App

Avicr’s has designed SynthNes’ PC app “to handle complex calculations (such as modulation) and MIDI input. The PC app also provides an easy to use interface for manipulating the various parameters of the NES’s sound chip.”

All you need to get started with SynthNes is an Everdrive N8 Pro, a NES (or clone), a Windows PC and a USB cable to operate.

This mage displays the Nintendo SynthNes PC app. SynthNes will turn your old Nintendo Entertainment System into a fully functioning synthesizer.
The SynthNes PC app will turn your old Nintendo Entertainment System into a fully functioning synthesizer. Source: Avicr.

You can download SynthNes on a name-your-own-price basis!

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