Known for its high-energy tempo, soaring leads and oodles of psychedelic sound design elements, psytrance is a global force to the reckoned with. If you want to craft tracks with unforgettable dancefloor moments, you’ve come to the right place… it’s time to take the plunge, let go and let these incredible psytrance sample packs take you there!

Psytrance Vol 1

Delve into the heart of psychedelic trance with 100 meticulously crafted presets for Xfer Serum, influenced by the genre’s luminaries, ensuring your productions soar with authenticity and energy.

Xenosonics – Psytrance Vol 1 is the debut preset pack for Xfer Serum. The pack contains 100 high-quality presets of Atmospheres, Bass, Drums, FX, Leads, Pads, Rhythms and Risers influenced by the biggest names in psychedelic trance.

Moksha – Psytrance

Elevate your Psytrance creations with over 700 MB of meticulously crafted sounds, including pounding kickdrums, hypnotic basslines, acid melodies, and more, ensuring your tracks drive crowds into ecstatic realms of trance-induced euphoria.

Dive deep into your subconsciousness: “Moksha – Psytrance” is here! Our brand-new trippy library features a wide range of pounding kickdrums, subtle sequences, wild pulsating basslines, hypnotic riffs, acid melodies, psychedelic leads and many more essential Psytrance elements. We captured various hardware synthesizers and used a variety of outboard processors to make every single sound full. We also included easy to use breakdowns, buildups and progressions to really drive your crowd mad! Enjoy over 90 purely hypnotic bass sounds that were created using world renowned Roland TB-303, dive into new dimensions of sound with a profusion of arpeggios, synth and chord loops. Looking for the typical Psytrance drum sounds? Don’t look any further! A crazy amount of 170 drum sounds will keep your inspiration floating for hours and hours. Punchy kicks, super tight snare and claps, bright hi-hats, hand-crafted percussions or weird glitchy samples – “Moksha – Psytrance” has it all. This pack is completely devoted to your Psytrance, Goa, Hard Trance or Techno productions. This library is simply massive – over 700 MB of top notch 24-bit content. Get ready for your psychedelic trip, grab “Moksha – Psytrance” NOW!

Vocal Samples

Transform your productions with over 200 unique vocal samples, featuring a variety of characters and styles, giving your tracks the memorable hooks they need to stand out in the psychedelic and trance music scene.

This is Xenosonics – Vocal Samples. Over 200 samples of words, phrases and FX designed to give your productions the unique and memorable vocal hooks they deserve. Professional male and female voice actors impersonated a variety of characters from wise wizards to spaceship computers to provide a wide range of themes and styles that fit perfectly in psychedelic and trance music. Over 75% of the samples in the pack are completely dry, giving you the flexibility to manipulate them to your unique taste and style. If you, like many others, have struggled to find the perfect vocal sample for your track, then this is the pack for you.

Psystyle – Psytrance Vs Rawstyle

Unleash a fusion of psytrance and aggressive rawstyle sounds with this rave gem, offering a diverse array of rawstyle kicks, psy kicks, screeches, vocal loops, and more, perfect for creating high-energy, boundary-pushing tracks.

Production Master proudly presents ‘Psystyle – Psytrance Vs. Rawstyle’, a divine mixture of psychedelic psytrance and aggressive rawstyle sounds, creating a one of a kind, rave gem! Inside you will find the most intrusive rawstyle kicks, bold psy kicks, destructive screeches, vigorous vocal loops, crystal clear drum fills, energizing synth loops, otherworldly atmospheres, raw glitches and fx elements, and so much more!

Xenosonics-Bass Samples

Take your basslines to new heights with over 200 heavy-hitting bass samples tailored for psychedelic, progressive, and hard trance, meticulously multi-sampled and sustained for maximum flexibility and funkiness in your productions.

This is Xenosonics – Bass Samples. Over 200 samples of heavy-hitting bass samples aimed at the psychedelic, progressive and hard trance genres. This pack was created to provide producers with high quality samples which will help to elevate your productions to a professional standard. All of the bass timbres in this pack are multi-sampled over two octaves from C0 to B1 and will suit any track key. The Psy-bass timbres are also adequately sustained to provide flexibility with pitch bends for even the funkiest of tracks. The reverse bass timbres were sampled at 145 bpm and work well transposed to higher tempos. The easiest way to enjoy these samples is to pick a timbre you like and then load all of the samples into your favourite sampler. We look forward to hearing your productions and creations using this pack. Happy Producing.

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