So you love sampling and sample packs? Your hard drive is stuffed with multiple Drum Packs, Construction Kits and melodic loops. But what about something a little more left-field? A sonic curve ball to complement your otherwise carefully curated sample collection. In this list, we highlight 5 quirky sample packs that should fit the bill.

Violent Produce – Sounds From Hurting Fruits And Veggies

When it comes to the sadistic abuse of fruit and veg nobody does it better than Tallbeard Studios. This quirky sample pack features a splattered, squished and chewed-up mixing bowl of professionally recorded one-shots and textures. So if you have ever yearned to produce with produce then this beauty is our top suggestion for your sampling digestion!

This sample pack is full of organic ripping, tearing, squishing and snapping sounds from fruits and vegetables! Recorded with ultra sensitive Lom microphones to get all the gory details. This pack is incredible for sound design, percussive layering, and general sound effects for movies and games.

Lost SFX

“In space no one can hear you scream” – but they may be able to detect the distant echoes via this otherworldly offering from Future Samples. Perfect for layered textures and weird quirky effects these samples will impart your productions with the vastness of space.

Distant voices, dark atmospheres and distorted radio signals. Shifting, experimental textures & morphing outer space sounds. Interdimensional whooshes and impacts. Otherworldly echoes and field recordings from a lost planet. Everything in this pack is heavily processed and manipulated. This cutting edge collection of samples can be used for a variety of genres and musical styles as well as multimedia projects like TV, film, or video games.

Gamemaster Audio – Miscellaneous Collection

Gamemaster Audio are masters of quirky sound effects and foley recordings. This collection covers all basses featuring a wide selection of audio samples perfect for adding a left-field touch to your productions. Expect sounds sourced from Animals, Nature, electronics, furniture, Tools, Transport, Weapons as well as the human voice. With over 1400 samples on offer, you’re sure to find the sort of left-field inspiration needed to take your production to the next level.

Gamemaster Audio is run by game industry veterans with over decades of professional audio experience. We produce the highest quality and most affordable sound libraries you will find. Designed specifically for games, film and other media by award winning sound designers.

Analog 70’s Oddity Sample Pack

When it comes to quirky sample packs and sounds it’s hard to beat a good analog synth! This amazing pack from Cycles and Spots takes us back to the heyday of synth experimentation – the 1970’s. One minute this pack conjures up images of TV commercials, the next minute you are reminded of a bleak government public information broadcast. These faithfully recreated loops should provide just the right level of oddity for your electronic, Hip Hop or Lo-fi productions.

Cycles & Spots deliver nearly 2 gigabytes of more interesting weird sounds, this time with 1970s character. That decade’s electronic sources (synthesizers) and techniques (effects / tape looping) were used to create loops that still make heads turn and make ears listen carefully nowadays. This pack features 300 sonic sequences that can be used in numerous music genre productions like Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Trap, Dubstep and House / Techno to get that extra spice to break out of any boxes even today. Or maybe you’re into soundscapes and soundtracks, then Analog 70s Oddity is also the right pack for you. This product is carefully handcrafted for your best producing experience and best possible entertainment. Put together some of these loops or get inspired by single ones and add your own flavor to complete your productions.

Anime Sound FX

Japan is our final destination in this run-down of quirky sample packs. Beats Cooking have done a sterling job in capturing an authentic anime aesthetic with this collection. A wide array of Sound fx and dialogue combine to help provide a distinctive wasabi-flavoured sauce to your tracks.

Anime SFX from Beats Cooking contains 190 original anime one-shot samples including auras, transitions, mecha, blasters, spells, explosives & dialogue. Whether you’re producing music, films or games this pack has got you covered.

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