VCS-1 is the new all in one zero-latency channels strip that combines both signal enhancement an dynamic control, reports Noizefield.

VCS-1 ALL-IN CHANNEL STRIP comes in hot with a slick workflow that operates a powerful engine for optimal signal processing and enhancement.

The layout of this next level plugin is designed with an easy user experience in mind, as well as being simple to understand at a swift look. Fuse Audio Labs have created VCS-1 to allow us to shape a plethora of timbres with its complex virtual network and emulated triple-topology PREAMP.

VCS-1 offers a variety of sound colouration and its onboard filters offer both low-pass and high-pass frequency modulation, on top of the onboard 5-band parametric EQ.

Its compressor/limiter section and Gate/Expanderstage both give us extensive control of the dynamics of any signal we run through VCS-1 and we can see everything we’re doing through the gain reduction and level metering panel.

Custom routing options allow us to enhance the power each section has in the VCS-1, as well as the options to apply STEREO or MID/SIDE MODE to the onboard filters and EQ. The compressors side-chain can work with the filters and EQ to apply further dynamic control to our signal, not to mention its compatibility with external controls!

If these ultra-cool features weren’t enough, the Mix stage allows us to apply onboard parallel compression as and when we please.

If your signal doesn’t need any one or multiple sections inside the VCS-1, we can simply bypass the sections we don’t need! We can even assign individual plugin sections to virtual groups that share the same parameters right across our DAW!

VCS-1 is now available until the 12th of December at an introductory price of $29.00, which is a 60% discount! After this introduction stage, the full price will be $79.00.

Here’s what Fuse Audio Labs have to say:


If there is a single plugin to take to the desert island, it’s the VCS-1. This zero-latency channel strip integrates all the tools needed for instant signal enhancement and dynamics control… and then some! Complexity remains under the hood, as the user interface is based on a comprehensive, practical layout that supports a nimble workflow and is easy on the eyes.


The VCS-1 shapes your tones with a triple-topology preamp offering different styles of colouration, wide-ranged high/low pass filters and a full-fledged parametric 5-band EQ. Dynamics are controlled by a luxurious compressor/limiter section and a highly practical gate/expander stage, clearly visualized by a comprehensive gain reduction and level metering panel.


The individual processing sections are enhanced by highly flexible routing options. The filters and the equalizer can operate in stereo or mid/side mode, while the side-chain of the compressor can make use of the filters, the EQ, and external control signals. An additional mix stage allows onboard parallel compression, and every single section of the VCS-1 can be individually bypassed.


The enormous processing power of the VCS-1 is rounded off by its capability of assigning individual plugin instances to virtual groups which share the same parameters all across your DAW, saving tons of time and effort. So, if you’re looking for a single plugin to shape and process all of your signals, groups and busses in the most convenient way: Here you go.

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